SIS Solar Ventures Ltd.

Focused Services Modules   

For Solar PV System Integrators, Installers and Engineers     


SIS Solar Ventures Ltd. has extensive knowledge and in-depth experience in solar PV system design, engineering, and component design and integration.  If there are specific requirements in your solar PV project, please contact us for more detailed discussions. 

We are pleased to offer our technical expertise according to your needs in selected areas.  We can assist you to capitalise on the specific needs or opportunities on the technical situation of a specific project.


Customisable Design

Solar PV systems are designed for reliable performance and faster installation.  We provide comprehensive and customizable design services.  Our design is supported with professional drawings and schematics, which are ready for local engineers’ sign off and local authorities’ approval.    The Systems are integrated with UL, CSA, and TUV certified products with field proven technologies, for steady performance in harsh weather conditions.  

Detailed design of the system is customized to suit the needs of unique roof and site situations, as well as electrical and mechanical requirements from local authorities.   

The objectives are to smoothly connect to the local power grid (for On Grid systems), or to produce electricity independently (for Off Grid Systems).  

System Performance Simulation

Based on the system design and components selected, a photovoltaic yield simulation will be provided.  

As an option, the entire system can be arranged to be tested prior to shipment, at extra cost.  This will ensure operations and performance of the system prior to installation. 

Financial Analysis, Funding and Due Diligence 

We assess the financial impact of annual energy production potential for each project, based on the site, project scale, and recommended solar cell technologies.  Each project is carefully planned to maximize the current economic benefits (including Feed-in-Tariff (FIT), and other available incentives) and future income streams (like carbon tax credits, solar renewable energy certificate). 

Our financial projection provides detailed and critical information for investors and financial institutes to evaluate if the system project is a profitable and desirable asset to the investors and lenders.

For projects that we manage, Project Budget Proposals supported with technology schedules, bills of materials, construction plans, operations and maintenance plans are critical to the securing of project funding. We believe advance detailed planning of the technology, processes, partners, and finance is the key to the success of a project. 

Professional due diligence service is available to parties who are interested in acquiring solar photovoltaic projects (completed and in-progress).  Inherent risks and forecasts associated with the project and technologies are addressed in a stringent manner.


We make sure that the permitting requirements of local utilities and local government authorities are fully followed and factored into the system design, and that the system has been constructed according to the building code requirements and our detailed plans.

We are present when the local utility inspects the system for technical compliance for connection to the grid.

We will obtain the resulting interconnection agreement and permission to operate letters.

We will verify that all documentation, permit applications, final as-built drawings and diagrams, warranty registrations manuals and other related documents are correctly received and filed.



Installation and Contracting

We plan and prepare detailed design plans, installation and construction documents to ensure that all host requirements are met.  Our local installation and contracting partners, who are licensed technicians under local legislative requirements, are trained and experienced in solar PV system installation and follow closely the plans and drawings to build the facilities according to latest local building codes and requirements.

We keep a detailed documented deliverable schedule including a delivery checklist. We supervise each phase of construction of the solar facility maintaining rigorous communication with our installation partners. We communicate with local utilities and authorities to ensure all permitting and approval requirements are promptly fulfilled.  We review materials and site security, conduct regular site visits, and take part in regular site meetings.   

We regularly update to our clients the installation progress until the project is fully completed.

Testing and Maintenance  


We work with our installers and comprehensively test the system. Our testing is rigorous and thorough. For example, we will ensure that all components including inverter operation, module and string voltages, combiner boxes, all disconnects, grounding and tracking system operations are fully tested. In addition, we will oversee the resulting commissioning report. Our acceptance testing involves on-site spot testing and close monitoring of the system over several weeks to help us identify any anomalies in the system that may have been overlooked.


Once the testing phase is completed, we maintain dedicated round-the-clock monitoring to ensure that the system is operating at optimal levels and that our required scheduled maintenance is performed. 

Our real-time, web based monitoring ensures that the system meets or even exceeds its expected electricity production estimates. This real-time monitoring allows us to continually optimize the efficiency of the system.

Our scheduled maintenance services focused on ensuring that the system operates at optimal levels over the long lifespan ranges from cleaning inverter filters to inspecting monitoring mechanical components throughout the array.