SIS Solar Ventures Ltd.

Solar Partners

We are delighted to have skilled partners to support the development of customer centered solar system projects.


S-energy PV Panels and Systems 

S-energy was previously the solar PV module manufacturing operation of Samsung Electronics in Korea.  S-energy spinned off from Samsung Electronics in 2001.  With an Energy Solution Research Center, and two PV module manufacturing lines (totalled 150MW), S-energy manufactures standard PV modules, BIPV modules, and BIPV systems.  Their solar PV panels are IEC and TUV, and ASU-PTL certified.  Please see below the S-energy PV Panels and BIPV applications.





Tynsolar PV Panels


Tynsolar is a leading solar PV panel manufacturer in Taiwan.  Tynsolar panels are certified with IEC, TUV, UL, KIER and CE.  Tynsolar is commited to zero defect in products and zero complaints from customers, with Performance Warranty for 25 years.   Some of their products are shown below.



Semi-Transparent Solar Modules 


 6" Monocrystalline Panel 


6" Polycrystalline Panel


SIS Solar Integration

SIS Solar Integration is the solution provider in our group of companies.  With teams of solar energy experts and installers, SIS Solar Integration will provide system design, integration of latest and most competitve solar energy technologies available in the market, system installation, and on-going maintenance support.


Pacific Max Solar Technologies Development Ltd. (PM Solar TD)

PM Solar TD focuses on developing new technological products, particularly in the areas of system control and improvement of solar energy generation capability.  These innovative products and improvement knowledge support the technical competence of SIS Solar Integration and SIS Solar Ventures.