SIS Smart Grid Solutions for Utilities Companies 


The whole spectrum of smart grid technologies is diverse.  The potential values of the various segments, ranging from Transmission Automation, Substation Automation, Feeder Automation, Smart Metering, Smart Grid IT Infrastructure and Cyber Security, and others, are huge.  We strongly believe that customers should only be served with the best in every segment.   


Supported with our strengths in renewable energy generation and power grid interconnection, we focus our technology development expertise and solution deployment in the smart grid technology domains of:  Microgrids, DG (Distributed Generation) system integration, DA (Distribution Automation) technologies, DR (Demand Response) programs, and EV (Electric Vehicles) solutions. 





With increasing government regulations and policies to deploy more renewable energies, such as solar PV and wind, into the grid, utilities companies in different parts of the world have to look for ways to deploy smart grid solutions to integrate these DG (Distributed Generation) systems into the grid in a seamless manner.  At the same time, utilties still have to maintain grid stabilities, while incorporating the additional values from these distributed energy resources.  In spite of the pressing needs and huge potential returns, the DG smart grid system integration technologies domain is still a new area, which is unfamiliar to utilities companies.  This is where our expertise comes in.


DA (Distribution Automation) is becoming much more familiar to utilities companies in recent years.  However, the new generation of DA technologies are now closely integrated to DG (Distributed Generation), with many automation and energy resources available from DG.  This area of new smart grid DA technologies is also under rapid development.  That poses challenges to utilities companies who need to look for rapid solution deployment. 


Smart grid technologies will keep on evolving and improving.  Our smart grid solutions, therefore, employ open standards with scalability approach, in order to allow seamless integration to other smart grid subsystems and future technologies upgrade.

With the advancement of smart digital electronic control technologies, DR (Demand Response) program for load shedding can be realised.  That means huge saving from reduced capital investment in power generation equipment, resulted from the deployment of state of art smart grid technologies and solutions.


Due to government incentives and legislation  in many countries, EV (Electric Vehicles) are now growing in a very rapid pace on a global basis.  On the one hand, there are opportunities to utilize the EV battery power as a source of energy to serve peak load demand.  On the other hand, the simultaneous charging of hundreds or thousands of EV chargers will pose serious threat to grid stability.  Our EV smart grid solution addresses all the issues and provides the solutions needed.