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SolarPhotovoltaic (PV) Systems -

Green Solutions that bring inFinancial and Commercial Advantages


Source: S-Energy, Korea


SIS Solar Ventures Ltd. specialises in providing commercial size solar photovoltaic (PV) systems that bring in financial and commercial advantages. We strive to integrate competitive and smart technologies in order to create green solutions that make financial and business sense.

System sizes run between 10kw and 1000kw (or 1 megawatt).

We offer both On Grid and Off Grid systems, for roof top or ground mounted applications, to enable independent and distributed renewable energy generation at any selected locations.

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SIS Solar PV Integrated Systems are designed for reliability and performance, aiming to provide superior financial and business benefits

Power Stability and Independent System can produce energy sufficient for owner`s self consumption independently. High quality power with no fluctuations 24 hours a day. Users can be free from interruptions due to cut-offs or blackouts frequently experienced in traditional utility power supply.

Cost Advantages - Fuelled with free resources and designed with smart relevant technologies, electricity will be produced with cost at par or below charge from utilities, meaning future energy cost protection. System user will reduce grid power purchases, particularly during peak periods.

Flexible for Various Locations System is pre-designed for on grid (connected to utilities power line) or off grid (for self-use, not connected to utilities power line) applications, at urban or remote sites, for roof top, building integrated, or ground mounted installations. System is provided with complete design drawings, for easy installation.

Green Renewable energy generation fulfilling green building codes of many municipalities. No pollution or greenhouse gas emission.

Smart Grid Ready System is designed to be Smart Grid and Micro Grid (for intelligent control of power to and from utilities power line in the very near future) ready.