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On Grid Systems

For areas served with electricity power grids, On Grid solar PV systems (also termed Grid Tie systems, or Grid Connected systems) can be used.

On Grid systems make it possible to feed and sell the electricity generated from the solar PV system to the power grid.  Where there is Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) program, all electricity generated from the solar PV system might be sold to the power grid for FIT revenue.  The global practice is that FIT rate tends to be higher than the prevailing electricity rate, so as to create an incentive for the investment in renewable energy generation facilities.  

Else, the net outflow (that is, the surplus after self-consumption) of electricity generated will be sold to the power grid.  This is also termed Net Metering. 

Site consideration

On Grid systems can be on rooftop or ground mounted, depending on the site situation.  Rooftop or building-integrated solar PV systems are usually preferred in an urban environment, for distributed power generation.

Location is a deciding factor to the amount of solar electricity to be generated.     

For the roof, its shape and size, number and orientation of facets, slope or flat, shading issue, as well as number of storey all affects solar electricity generation.   Local authority usually has stringent requirements on the roof structure and its ability to support additional weight of the solar panels.  

System Design

A rooftop On Grid system typically includes the solar PV panels, inverters, racking system, and wiring and ground accessories.  As it feeds electricity directly to the power grid, the system includes components to facilitate the electricity feeding process.    

A ground mounted requires, in addition, to construct a mounting structure to host the solar panels.  In certain cases, trackers (one or two axel) will be included to maximize the power generation.  


Controls and monitoring are usual elements.  Performance monitoring system ensures smooth generation of energy, and prompt action can be taken in case of any errors noted.  A smart grid ready system caters for the upcoming worldwide overhaul of the electricity grids.   


Each site is different.  Therefore, the detailed design of each system is inherently different, from panel array layout, electricity wiring, to mechanical designs.  Professional judgement, design and experience are critical to the successful integration of latest technologies and of highest power generation, as well as the reliable performance of the system in the coming decades.