SIS Solar Ventures Ltd.

Off Grid or Independent Power Systems

For areas not served with electricity power grids, or for users who require stable, continuous and independent power supply, Off Grid solar PV systems can be used to generate electricity independently with great benefits and financial returns.  

Supplying electricity to remote areas with solar PV systems is far less costly than building an power infrastructure.   Energy can be produced independently with a solar PV system appropriately integrated with smart control technologies and backup storage.   Unit cost of energy generation can be at par with or even below traditional power lines.   The system is able to bring in good return to investment.

In addition, the quality of power supply with a solar PV integrated system - in terms of stability of supply and availabiity 24 hours a day - is superior to and more controllable than the tradition power lines.  Users can reduce or avoid power purchase during peak periods, where power supply is much more expensive and unstable.    

Site Considerations 

Same as the On Grid Systems, either roof top or ground mounted systems are possible.  Similar considerations regarding the roof and the site as in On Grid systems apply.    

System Design 

In addition to solar panels, inverters, racking or mounting structures, and contrrol and monitoring mechanism, the Off Grid systems are supported with backup batteries for electricity storage, in order that there will be electricity during evenings and night time.  For economic and total independence in power generation, CHP (Combined Heat and Power) generators can be included.  

Again, each site is different.  In addition, the local utilities and authorities also vary from city to city, or from country to country.   Therefore, the detailed design of each system is inherently different, from panel array layout, electricity wiring, to mechanical designs.  Professional judgement, design and experience are critical to the successful integration of latest technologies and of highest power generation, as well as the reliable performance of the system in the coming decades.