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SIS Solar Ventures Ltd. offers premium solutions in these areas -

We are seasoned renewable energy technologies and power gneration professionals.  Our services and products are offered with the aim to help our clients to participate in creating low carbon communities with renewable energies and smart grid technologies.




Solar Photovoltaic Systems                          Smart Grid Solutions 

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Renewable energy, including solar photovoltaic (PV), is increasingly important in mitigating the economic and social impacts of rising fossil fuel prices.

Smart grid technologies not only help to replace the aging power grid, but they also enhance the capabilities of the grid to tap and utilize the full power of renewable energy resources, in addition to accurate monitoring of peak consumption and to improve the quality and stability of power supply.

We have indepth knowledge and expertise in renewable energy power generation solutions and in power grid quality improvement technologies.  Our solar photovoltaic systems and smart grid technologies solutions provide viable avenue for massive reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and make volume use of renewable energies acceptable to the grid.


We are a member of CANSIA (Canadian Solar Industries Association) and IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).  We are a registered RET (Renewable Energy Technologies) vendor in Ontario, Canada (please refer to OPA website for details).
In addition, we are appointed Expert Advisor to Organizing Committee of China (Chengdu) New Energy International Exposition and Summit.  We are appointed as a member of Technology Expert Consultants Committee for Chengdu Neew Energy Industry Technology Research Institute, Sichuan Province, China.