Smart Grid EV (Electric Vehicle) Solution 


With the increasing market growth in EV (Electric Vehicles), comes along the increasing market need for EV charging stations.  The EV charging stations usually have high power loading requirement, which poses new challenges to the grid loading demand, particularly during peak load hours.  

Utilities companies need to have Smart Grid EV Solution to communicate with these charging stations to schedule for periods of reduced load or reduced electricity costs.  Smart Grid EV Solution allows the utilities companies to utilize the large amount of vehicle battery power as valuable peak load demand resources.  In short, Smart Grid EV solution provides intelligent communication between the grid, charging stations and vehicle electronics, with a new set of safety standards. 


What is Smart Grid EV Solution? 


Smart Grid EV (Electric Vehicle) Solution is a smart grid integration solution for utilities companies to act actively, interactively, and intelligently with a dual role of electricity supply side management as well as demand side management.  At the same time, it allows utilities companies to be able to use the battery power in EV interactively and intelligently as valuable DER (Distributed Energy Resources) for peak load demand and other energy resources required by the grid.

Utilities companies can use EV energy controller in their control hubs to interface with smart energy meters and VENs (Virtual Energy Nodes) in the form of IEDs (Intelligent Electronics Devices) based on open standard communication platform.  Then, the intelligent and optimized charging and discharging of the EV battery in large capacity will be achieved.  Hence, both the utilities companies and the EV end customers can both fulfill their objectives with the best outcome.



Benefits of Smart Grid EV Solution 


The benefits of Smart Grid EV Solution are as follows,

- It reduces peak load demand of electricity, thus enabling huge saving from avoiding unnecessary investment in the whole grid network, including both power generation and transmission and distribution (T&D) by utilities companies.

- Interactive and intelligent EV charging controls now available to end customers will enable them to achieve big saving in electricity expenses.

- The resulting smoothing out of electricity demand and supply will release high stress in utilities' facilities and equipment with greatly extended useful life.

- It allows utilities companies to utilize EV battery power as valuable DER (Distributed Energy Resources) to provide peak load power and power optimization resources with resulting big saving in utilities companies' capital investment.

- Reduction in Green House Gas emission.

Improved customer satisfaction through successful Smart Grid EV charging program.

- Improvement of power quality and reduction of power outages.





Smart Grid EV Solution Technologies 



Technologies deployed for Smart Grid EV Solution are consistent with the other Smart Grid Technologies Solutions:

- Sensor and Measurement

- Advanced Components

- Advanced Control Methods

- Decision Support and Improved Interfaces

- Integrated Communications