DR (Demand Response) Programs 


The rapidly evolving smart grid technologies now empower utilities companies to transform from a passive and sole supply-side role to a powerful and interactive role, in both the supply and demand sides of electricity  usage.  

For the first time, utilities companies can employ Smart Grid Demand Response (DR) Solution to balance supply and demand in the most efficient and sustainable way possible.  It provides huge values in peak load shedding together with facilitation to cope with the intermittency nature from the increasing penetration of distributed generation (DG).




What is Smart Grid DR Solution? 


Demand Response (DR) programs are not new to utilities companies.   For example, the incentive based program requiring electricity end users, mostly large scale end users, to reduce their load during times of peak demand - so as to reduce the total electricity generation capacity required from the grid - is quite common.  However, these programs have been largely manual and cumbersome to initiate.  They need building operators to dedicate large amount of manual resources to participate, and it is very difficult to track progress and result by all parties.

Smart Grid Demand Response (DR) Solution enables utilities to call on commercial facilities to automatically decrease consumption during times of peak demand.  As a result, it reduces the load on the electrical network.

Intelligent Demand Response Controller will be installed in the utilities companies' premises.  There will be online interaction with local IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Devices) located at customers' buildings to control electricity load.  Together with pre-designed and careful load demand strategies and schedules worked out with customers, a seamless, automatic and highly intelligent interactive load control can be achieved at all time.



Benefits of Smart Grid DR Solution 


The benefits of Smart Grid Demand (DR) Solution includes,

-  It reduces peak load electricity demand.  Therefore, there could be huge saving to the utilities companies from avoiding unnecessary investment in the whole grid network - including power  generation, transmission and distribution. 

-  Interactive and intelligent load demand control now available to end customers will enable them to achieve major reduction in electricity expenses.

-  The resulting smoothing out of electricity demand and supply will release the high stress in utilities' facilities and equipment.  That in turn will greatly extend equipment usage life.

-  Valuable manpower resources can be saved from  managing electricity loading, both for the utilities companies as well as for the end customers.

-  Reduction in green house gas emission.

-  Improved customer satisfaction through successful demand response programs. 

-  Improvement in power quality and reduction in power outages.





Smart Grid DR Solution Technologies 


Similar technologies as with other Smart Grid Technologies solutions :

- Sensor and Measurement

- Advanced Components

- Advanced Control Methods

- Decisioin Support and Improved Interfaces

- Integrated Communications