Smart Grid Distributed Generation (DG) System Integration 


Utilities companies nowadays are facing high pressure to allow connection of more DG systems, such as solar PV and wind, into the grid, as desired or regulated in increasing government legislation.

However, the old power grid infrastructure was designed to facilitate stable, predictable and manageable energy resources.  It was not built to absorb an increasing proportion and high penetration of DG systems.  DG systems with renewable energy sources typically come with unstable power generation patterns, as afffected by weather conditions, and that results in serious power quality and stability issues. 


Today, utilities companies need to take a proactive approach, to embrace the coming of a new generation of HPPV (High Penetration Photovoltaic) and HPDG (High Penetration Distributed Generation), which will become valuable energy resources for the future VPP (Virtual Power Plant).

Smart Grid Distributed Generation (DG) Integration Solution is in great demand.



What is Smart Grid DG Integration Solution? 


Smart Grid Distributed Generation (DG) Integration Solution is a new generation of automation solutions, allowing the utilities to:

-  on a micro level, control on single feeder level all the power resources available from DG systems; and 

-  on a macro level, utillize and manage all the DG power resources in a new level of complexity and functionality by remote sensing control and dispatch. 

The new generation of DG systems are equipped with smart grid enabled functions embedded in their inverters or other IEDs (Intelligent Electronics Devices).  Hence, Smart Grid DG Integration Solution will provide interactive power resources handling capabilities to enable maximum power utilization with much improved power quality.



Benefits of Smart Grid DG Integration Solution 


Smart Grid DG Integration Solutions allow utilities companies and the smart grid to enjoy the tremendous value from full utilization of DG power resources -

-   DG systems serve as valuable power resources from customer end, and that means huge potential saving in expensive central power generation plant investment.

- DG systems integrated to the grid provide great value as peak load resources, with minimum capital investment.

- Integrating renewable energy resources, DG systems help greatly to reduce green house gas emission, and in turn help utilities to fulfill social responsibilities and to comply with government regulation requirements at the same time.

 - It provides cost effective resources for power quality improvement and to reduce power outages, and as a result creates high level of customer satisfaction.

- Despite being unstable power resources, DGs represent irreversible global trends.  The Smart Grid DG Integration Solution turns short term problems into opportunities and fully explores the values of DGs in a proactive manner.




Smart Grid DG Integration Solution Technologies 


In order to seamlessly integrate DG systems into the smart grid, the following technologies will be deployed.

- Sensor and Measurement

- Advanced Components

- Advanced Control Methods

- Decision Support and Improved Interfaces

- Integrated Communications 




Objectives of Smart Grid DG Integration Solutions 


Integrating and utilizing DG systems in the smart grid serves the following functions:

- Connect / disconnect from the grid

- Adjust maximum power delivery to the grid

- Power factor control / smart volt / VAR (Volt-Ampere-Reactive) control (including schedules)

- Charge / discharge storage management by price or by command (including schedules)

- State / Status monitoring

- Event / history logs

- Time setting / adjustment