About Us



SIS Solar Ventures Ltd. is a Canadian company aiming to provide sustainable and innovative technology solutions for smart grid infrastructure and renewable energy resources deployment.

Our capabilities are with technology development and solution projects around the smart grid infrastructure and microgrids, with support technologies around distributed energy generation integration, distribution automation, demand response and electric vehicle smart grid solutions. 

We are equipped with years of technologies, solution and project experience in renewable energy resources (in particular solar PV) generation, grid interconnection, grid power quality monitoring, energy storage systems, standby power generation, critical power systems, and others.
With deep understanding of the needs of utilities companies in Canada, North America, Hong Kong, China, and Asia, our Smart Grid Technologies solutions are positioned to provide expertise support for smart grid infrastructure improvement on a global basis.


Our Team 


Charles LO, President

Previously the head of China & Asia Pacific operations of Day4 Energy of Canada (a TSX listed solar module manufacturer in Vancouver, Canada), Charles has been a power technologies expert and a senior executive with multinational technologies companies including Philips Electronics, General Electric, and Inchcape Engineering.

For more than 20 years, Charles has been focusing in advanced power electronics and renewable energy resources (in particular solar PV) system technologies development for global and major electrical power technologies companies.   At the same time, he also deploys his power electronics and solar energy knowledge to his own technology company in advanced power systems. 


As a graduate in Electronic Engineering from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and a Master Degree graduate from East Asia University in Macau, Charles is an IEEE member.  Charles has extensive power technologies development experience and connections with technologies developers and companies in China, Asian Pacific, North America, Europe and global markets.  Charles' cross cultural background allows  him to stay on top of the latest technology developments in the world.



Isabel Chan, Vice President

Isabel has indepth hands-on experience in supporting technology and entrepreneurial companies.

She co-founded a technology company in advanced power systems, serving institutional and government clients, including the Hong Kong Airport, China Light & Power, MTRC, KCR, and many Hong Kong government departments.  In addition, she was the financial controller for companies including Xerox Limited, the global documentation technology enterprise, and i-Cable Group, the pioneering cable television and broadband communications group in Hong Kong. 


Isabel obtained her Bachelor Degree and MBA Degree from The Chinese University of Hong Kong.  She is a CMA in Canada.

Isabel is also a resourceful corporate finance executive with M&A, due diligence and IPO experience.  She has worked together with Merrill Lynch, KPMG, and Freshfields to raise US$550 million for an IPO with dual listing in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ in the US.  As a cost conscioius leader adept at streamlining organizations, Isabel had worked as a management consultant in Toronto, Canada.